A Good Man Is Hard To Find

The grandmother didn’t want to go to Florida. She wanted to visit some of her connections in east Tennes- see and she was seizing at every chance to change Bailey’s mind. Bailey was the son she lived with, her only boy. He was sitting on the edge of his chair at the table, bent over the orange sports section of the Journal. “Now look here, Bailey,” she said, “see here, read this,” and she stood with one hand on her thin hip and the other rattling the newspaper at his bald head. “Here this fellow that calls himself The Misfit is aloose from the Federal Pen and headed toward Florida and you read here what it says he did to these people. Just you read it. I wouldn’t take my children in any direction with a criminal like that aloose in it. I couldn’t answer to my conscience if I did.”

Bailey didn’t look up from his reading so she wheeled around then and faced the children’s mother, a young woman in slacks, whose face was as broad and innocent as a cabbage and was tied around with a green head-kerchief that had two points on the top like rabbit’s ears. She was sitting on the sofa, feeding the baby his apricots out of a jar. “The children have been to Florida before,” the old lady said. “You all ought to take them somewhere else for a change so they would see different parts of the world and be broad. They never have been to east Tennessee.”

The children’s mother didn’t seem to hear her but the eight-year-old boy, John Wesley, a stocky child with glasses, said, “If you don’t want to go to Florida, why dontcha stay at home?” He and the little girl, June Star, were reading the funny papers on the floor.

“She wouldn’t stay at home to be queen for a day,” June Star said without raising her yellow head.

“Yes and what would you do if this fellow, The Misfit, caught you?” the grandmother asked.

“I’d smack his face,” John Wesley said.

“She wouldn’t stay at home for a million bucks,” June Star said. “Afraid she’d miss something. She has to go everywhere we go.”

“All right, Miss,” the grandmother said. “Just re- member that the next time you want me to curl your hair.”

June Star said her hair was naturally curly.

The next morning the grandmother was the first one in the car, ready to go. She had her big black valise that looked like the head of a hippopotamus in one corner, and underneath it she was hiding a basket with Pitty Sing, the cat, in it. She didn’t intend for the cat to be left alone in the house for three days because he would miss her too much and she was afraid he might brush against one of her gas burners and accidentally asphyxiate himself. Her son, Bailey, didn’t like to arrive at a motel with a cat.

A story by Flannery O’Connor.

Appetite for Stomach

This is a gallery embedded post. All the food I had during my visit to WordCamp San Francisco 2011. Use Jetpack Carousel, this will look even more delicious!

Buddhism and Peace

I am not that religious. I spend some 3 hours trying to photograph a lunar eclipse one night in winter. It was freezing cold. I had a lot of trouble trying to shoot the moon with my 70-200mm lens since the moon moves so fast while it rises. At the end, I couldn’t even produce a good time lapse. Aligning each photo would take just too long. Anyways, at the end, I was trying some long exposure photography. I had no experience, just learn by doing. I took a photo of a building randomly. It was pretty dark but setting a 30 sec long exposure, gave me a photo that looked so similar to that of a day shoot. The brick color, background. I was amazed how it actually could render the colors at that dark environment. It was around 10pm.

Then I thought I would shoot our favorite stupa in Kathmandu. It was too far but zoomed and took a photo with long exposure. After trying few times, I got one great shot. No movement and it looked pretty clean. What do you think?

WordCamp San Francisco 2011

WordCamps are super awesome. I had an opportunity to attend one of the WordCamps in San Francisco in 2011. Thanks to Thad Allender and Graph Paper Press. It was a great experience. It was my first visit to the US and my first WordCamp visit ever. Unlike other WordCamps, this was a 3-day WordCamp, holy mother of God! Three full days with over 1000 best WordPress developers, designers and users. This must have been one place where this many best people gathered from all around the globe.

Some interesting facts Matt presented over the State of the Word were:

  • Over 1,000 people attending WCSF and many more watching the livestream, making it the biggest WordCamp yet.
  • The survey of 18,000 WP users revealed some interesting data, like a median hourly rate of $50 and that 6,800 of the self-employed respondents were responsible for over 170,000 sites personally.
  • WordPress 3.2 had 500,000 downloads in the first two days, representing the fastest upgrade velocity ever.
  • WordPress now has 15,000 plugins and 200 million plugin downloads, and we’re doing a lot of work to make the plugin experience more seamless.
  • 14.7 percent of the top million websites in the world use WordPress.
  • 22 of every 100 active domains created in the U.S. are running WordPress.

I had an experience of a life time during my one month long visit to US. Having lived in a developing country for all my life, it was bound to be different. Fast pace (stuck 2 times while passing over the tram), Different faces, trying to communicate in english (which is my 3rd language if we can say), cycling around (having an accident), tourists asking directions (lol), people getting angry with slow and old people, well theres so much more.

I virtually traveled alone at few cities trying to explore. One of the best experience was going through the super strict security to vist the Statue of Liberty where the guard was asking everyone how many people were with each visitor. He was surprised when I said — Just One! He literally said — “You came all over to this place and alone?!”. That was an awkward moment.

Anyways, just wanted to share my year old visit to the free world. :)


Three Questions

It once occurred to a certain king, that if he always knew the right time to begin everything; if he knew who were the right people to listen to, and whom to avoid; and, above all, if he always knew what was the most important thing to do, he would never fail in anything he might undertake.

And this thought having occurred to him, he had it proclaimed throughout his kingdom that he would give a great reward to any one who would teach him what was the right time for every action, and who were the most necessary people, and how he might know what was the most important thing to do.

And learned men came to the King, but they all answered his questions differently.

In reply to the first question, some said that to know the right time for every action, one must draw up in advance, a table of days, months and years, and must live strictly according to it. Only thus, said they, could everything be done at its proper time. Others declared that it was impossible to decide beforehand the right time for every action; but that, not letting oneself be absorbed in idle pastimes, one should always attend to all that was going on, and then do what was most needful. Others, again, said that however attentive the King might be to what was going on, it was impossible for one man to decide correctly the right time for every action, but that he should have a Council of wise men, who would help him to fix the proper time for everything.

But then again others said there were some things which could not wait to be laid before a Council, but about which one had at once to decide whether to undertake them or not. But in order to decide that, one must know beforehand what was going to happen. It is only magicians who know that; and, therefore, in order to know the right time for every action, one must consult magicians.

Equally various were the answers to the second question. Some said, the people the King most needed were his councilors; others, the priests; others, the doctors; while some said the warriors were the most necessary.

This is an example of how a short essays would look. To read all the text, please search the web. This is a short story written by Leo Tolstoy.

Nepal, a popular destination for trekkers

If you didn’t know, Nepal is quite popular from adventurous people. It has 8 out of 10 highest peaks in the world. The landscape consists of highest altitude to almost sea level thus rivers are dangerous as well as exciting for rafting.